The Story of Forsen 1337


It was a beautiful day in the spring of 2018. Forsen was busy with his bl*nd playthrough of Fallout: New Vegas. He was enjoying quite an upper hand over the bajs for quite some time because they couldn’t find something to rustle his jimmies. Little did they know, the bajs were going to get an absolute masterpiece handed right to them by Forsen himself. A piece of art he would never be able to “delet” from the Internet.

At that very moment a very special artistic baj was doing a little bit of googling. Perhaps he was just bored or maybe he was a closet weeb. Nonetheless he was relentless in his search for the truth. He went deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole to a place far more unforgiving than the dark web, It was the 33rd page of Google where he came across an innocent post on an old website, .

Strangely enough the post was under the name “forsen1337” an alias Forsen had never used before. Obviously we all knew “ForsenSC2”, “Forsenlol” and “Forsenlosttoahorsegirlandstartedanentirefilmfestival” but this was the first time forsen1337 had ever surfaced.



Forsen's profile name



1337 before it became ironic was an alternative word for “leet”, a code that all the edgy kids on the Internet were using back in the days on calculators during exams instead of scoring good grades. Conjoined with the name Forsen immediately raised a red flag to the artistic baj. “forsen-leet”, could it be?

You have to remember that this post was made in September of 2007 which would’ve put Forsen at 16 years young. This is a guy who does not share much of where he came from, especially what he was doing around this time. He also claims to not be a weeb. This sparked an entirely different arc of this story whether Naruto was weeb to begin with but that’s for another day.



Forsen's supposive weeb picture (actually Nani's PC)

Forsen’s weeb picture (fixing Nani’s PC Kapp)



The post itself was a further mystery. It wasn’t just any post it was an actual Naruto fanfic posted by someone and consisted of 3 different chapters with roughly 3,000 words. This fanfic was much more detailed than some thesis submitted by wagecuck bajs and almost certainly towered the 200 word essays an average baj had due the next day because they were too busy watching a homeless man repeat the same 10 lines on Yet here was Forsen hiding a secret no one saw coming.




Chapter 1




Chapter 2





Chapter 3



Perhaps the most interesting part of this post was not even the post itself, it was the reaction the other prestigious members of naruto forums had after wasting at least an hour of their life they would never get back. The feedback posted as comments mentioned Forsen’s spelling mistakes as well as it being more of a story and not a fanfic. Young Forsen was busy coping in the replies claiming he was writing it at 3 AM in the morning.


forsen naruto poll

A poll showed that 66% of readers voted it “its okay”, another word for “meh”.



But the absolute best reply which propelled this story into outer space faster than the Ugandan space program was by an absolute chad named “Raizen”. This was the nail in the coffin for the fanfic because hypothetically if it ended up being good maybe the Bajs wouldn’t have much ammo. Raizen however completely destroyed Forsen with the final comment on the fanfic ever left. It subsequently resulted in Forsen never posting another one again on the narutoforums or buying AMD again.



you dumbass what part of naruto fanfic forsen

“You dumbass. What part of Naruto Fanworks do you not understand? Only Naruto fanfics are allowed here. And this isn’t even a real fanfic either. Go take your shit to some crappy forum.”



Not much is known about user Raizen. Some claim Raizen now works for AMD, others pin him as a writer for Quentin Tarantino. There was only one fact the Bajs collectively agreed on; Raizen must be a highly respected connoisseur of the Naruto fanfic community because it showed a max level green reputation bar under his name on the forums. Therefore his rating of Forsen’s fanfic was as good as the word of Billy himself. Conclusively Forsen didn’t just write a Naruto fanfic wasting days of his life and posting it on 3 AM, it also ended up being absolute horseshit.

It was at this very moment that the frozen bags as well as the surrounding streaming community collectively lost its shit. Forsen likes to play it as cool as a cucumber and gives as little dirt on him as possible. So now armed with this nuclear pile of poo poo fanfic not only did the Bajs start to meme about it, so did everyone else.


Reckful chimes in with a tweet.

Reckful on forsen naruto dumbass




Sodapoppin reads the entire thing on stream.


In fact there are people who claim that Nymn reacted to it for 3 days straight but I wasn’t there to confirm this since I was still asking around if someone could explain Nymn to me. Bajs would go into every streamer’s chat and make them read the forsen fanfic.



Then came the memes and boy there were a lot.












The memes are going on to this very day and a search on /r/Forsen for “forsen1337” or “Narutosen” will keep you endlessly occupied.

Raizen’s reply of “You dumbass” has now become an eternal copy pasta in the community and is used as a reply to anyone who writes something Pepega.

But If you think the story just ends there, you’re sadly mistaken. Not only did Forsen forget to hide this origin story, when it was leaked he managed to log back into his 2007 Narutoforums account. Instead of making things better for himself he then started posting a series of comments in broken English begging the admins to remove his account. This resulted in even further LULEs in the form of statements such as, “admin how to delet my account”.









Forsen had no choice but to admit defeat.



forsen1337 became an emote and became a very popular yet short lived spam meta.



forsen1337 emote 


Raizen’s reply and Forsen’s “admin how to delet my account” also became pastas that are used to this day. Not only did it conclusively prove that it was Forsen’s own profile but it also showed how much it was bothering him. This resulted in the forsen1337 meta lasting at least three times longer than it should have just because he wanted to get it off the internet.



In the end Forsen got the account deleted yet did failed to accomplish his goal. The bajs were two steps ahead and managed to archive the fanfic as well as his entire narutoforums profile permanently storing it making them a part of history.



Archive of Forsen’s Naruto Fanfic

Archive of Forsen’s Narutoforums profile


And thus concludes the story of forsen1337. The emote may be gone but we will never forget it.

Special thanks to /r/Forsen and Youtube uploaders where I got the archived links and pictures from. Written by ForsenV1

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    You dumbass. What part of Forsen Fanworks do you not understand? Only Forsen fanfics are allowed here. And this isn’t even a real fanfic either. Go take your shit to some crappy forum.

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